The Colonel's Café


Farlow: 10:25-10:50
Mills: 10:30-10:55
Peery: 10:35-11:00
Ford: 10:40-11:05
Bryant: 10:45-11:10
Padron: 10:50-11:15
Phillips: 11:00-11:20
Boyce: 11:05-11:30
Harlan: 11:10-11:35
Williamson: 11:15-11:40

Inman: 11:20-11:45

Sandrell: 11:25-11:50
Hyatt: 11:30-11:55
Albright: 11:35-12:00
McDonald: 11:40-12:05
Smith: 11:45-12:10
Jeffries: 11:50-12:15

If you have any questions or concerns
pertaining to school meals, please call
(931) 840-4418 Ext. 6620

School Menu Prices 2017-2018

Maury County Public Schools Participates in CEP at 10 Schools. These schools receive meals at no cost. They are as follows: Baker Elementary, Brown Elementary, Cox Middle, Highland Park Elementary, Howell Elementary, McDowell Elementary, Mt. Pleasant Elementary, Mt. Pleasant Middle, Mt. Pleasant High, and Riverside Elementary

All other schools are as follows:

Elementary Breakfast – $1.50
Elementary Lunch – $2.50 
       Middle & High Breakfast – $1.50
       Middle & High Lunch – $2.75
 All Reduced Breakfast – $0.00
All Reduced Lunch – $0.00


Due to USDA regulations, if a student does not take the all the proper food components to make a lunch, then each item on the tray must be charged at a la carte pricing.

To see what makes a lunch, see the “How the Program Works” tab.

Ala Carte Items Sold at each School. Please contact your school’s café for a complete listing.

Items and price are varied, please check with your child’s café manager.